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Summer Draws to A Close

Here are a few pictures I neglected to upload over the summer:

I’m reminded of a saying, as found on a bench in the park where several of these pictures were taken:

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us – when we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” – Aldo Leopold.


The Eyeball

I love eyes.

Death Valley Spring Flowers

In spite of the dryness that is Death Valley, some things still manage to grow and enjoy the elements as is.  Good life lesson, I suppose.  Here are two photos from my most recent jaunt through Death Valley:

The Grumpy Goat Pizza Company

We were out on a Sunday drive this past week when we stumbled upon a small goat farm and, needing some pictures for the Grumpy Goat Pizza Company, we stopped and snapped a couple of pictures to throw up on their website.  Here are some of them:

Photo credits:  Thanks goes to the goats, which can be found at Moreno Farms or Jewkes Livestock, based out of Hooper, Utah.  Contact is Joey Jewkes (phone:  801.791.5243).  Thanks for letting us take some pictures of your goats!!

Great Salt Lake – Abandoned Rail Car + Building


Flowers of Spring

Here are some flowers + greenery shots taken a couple of weeks back.  All of these were taken in California in a small town between San Francisco and Sacramento.

Golden Gate Bridge

While driving back through San Francisco I was stuck in a good sized rain storm.  Though I didn’t get too good a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, I did come away with these “fog shots.”