Capturing Life – One Photo at a Time


Reno after a Snowfall

I was fortunate to have been able to drive through a snow storm on my way through Donner’s Pass recently.  After forking out $70 for a $20 pair of chains for my tires, I stopped in Reno to snap some pictures.  Night had fallen and I took the opportunity to snap some night photos.  Some turned out better than others, but here they are.


Big Sur Coastway + Kern River Valley

Here are some photos from both the canyon leading through the Kern River Valley  (called, if I’m not mistaken, the China Garden) as well as my trip up the Big Sur Coastway (State Route 1).

Spring is in the Air

…well at least in California.  I’m here to attend a convention and did a bunch of picture taking today.  Due to the Tioga Pass (going to Yosemite) being closed, I ended up heading way further south than I wanted to.  Ended up going through the Kern River Valley, Bakersfield and then over to the coast.  I then headed up the Big Sur Coastway to Monterey where the convention is at.  Overall, I love some of these – it is really rejuvenating to see green pastures, flowers in bloom and feel some warm air.  Here they are:

Can you spot the bee in that one (above)?

And last, this one…which is arguably my favorite:

Boy Wonder

Here are some pictures of a handsome young man I had the pleasure of photographing both last fall (around Halloween time) and just a couple of weeks back as he prepared to enter pre-school.

Oil and Water Don’t Mix…

…but they sure make for some fun pictures.  It snowed here last night and here are some pictures from the morning shows that resulted.

Union Station – Ogden, Utah

While at Union Station for a photo shoot with Sophie, I snapped a couple of pictures of Union Station I wanted to share:

Ogden, Utah Photo shoot + Photography with Sophie

Had the privilege of working with this beautiful 7-year old today in Ogden, Utah, at Union Station on the corner of 25th Street and Wall Avenue.  Here are a few of the pictures from the day.