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Death Valley Spring Flowers

In spite of the dryness that is Death Valley, some things still manage to grow and enjoy the elements as is.  Good life lesson, I suppose.  Here are two photos from my most recent jaunt through Death Valley:


Flowers of Spring

Here are some flowers + greenery shots taken a couple of weeks back.  All of these were taken in California in a small town between San Francisco and Sacramento.

Spring is in the Air

…well at least in California.  I’m here to attend a convention and did a bunch of picture taking today.  Due to the Tioga Pass (going to Yosemite) being closed, I ended up heading way further south than I wanted to.  Ended up going through the Kern River Valley, Bakersfield and then over to the coast.  I then headed up the Big Sur Coastway to Monterey where the convention is at.  Overall, I love some of these – it is really rejuvenating to see green pastures, flowers in bloom and feel some warm air.  Here they are:

Can you spot the bee in that one (above)?

And last, this one…which is arguably my favorite: