Capturing Life – One Photo at a Time


Welcome to Anselan Photography!  Proudly serving the entire state of Utah (and beyond).  Anselan may seem like an unusual name – and hopefully it is.  Anselan is an old Scottish name which hearkens back to Anselan O’Kyan, from whom, it is believed, the surname Buchanan originates.  A bit of trivia.  I’m a bit of a traveling photographer, given that I like to get out and about and explore wherever I can.  As such, I am not held down to any one geographic location (i.e. an office).  My work is generally located in the greater Salt Lake City area, though I go wherever, whenever to meet my clients needs (including out of state and out of the country).  You choose.

If you’ve made it this far, you may be looking for some contact information where I can be reached.

Phone:  920.747.0221

Phone 2:  801.809.4302


Please let me know how I can help capture your life, one picture at a time.  Whether it be a particular commercial, landscape or architectural piece you’re wanting to add to your collection, family or individual portraits, or even a marriage, I will be more than glad to help provide some lasting memories.   I will customize packages, pricing and services to fit your needs.  There’s no reason to be tied into a specific package, with specific photos, etc..  Life is unique and, as such, I aim to provide you with what you’re looking for.


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